Thursday, January 22, 2009

Every Day, a Funny Day

He can really make me smile, this little funny boy. And he really likes to talk, with no R, in 3 languages (sounds like "Sto is asta?"), but lately, with better and better English ....

1. He is an artist. And I am his muse. He brought home a picture with my name on it: "BAIA MAMA": Look, mommy, I drew a long, grey snake. He looks like you.

2. He is still asking for permissions. "Mommy, I love Emma. Can she come to sleep with me tomorrow?"

3. He knows everything about our family chain, and most important, he knows his father:
- "Mommy, please scratch my back, if you scratch it, I will scratch Yulia`s back"....
- And Yulia?
- "Yulia will scratch Max`s back".....
- and Max?
- "Max will scratch tata`s back".....
- and tata?
- "tata will just sit there"......

4. He knows his limits...
- Gabi, would you like to have an other sister or brother?
- Noooooo way. I have enough.

5. He likes to take care of himself. Prevention! Prevention! Prevention!
- Mommy, I think I need some Tylenol. My ear pain is coming soon.

6.He is intuitive
- Mommy, look! This clock is counting.... Is 9:10. soon it will be 10:11 and after, 11:12... How funny.

7. He`s got a big heart. Very generous little boy.
- Mommy, when I will grow up, I will buy you a pizza.

8. He has clear future plans.
- "How old is Max?"
- 7
- "I knew he is older than me"
- How come?
- "I saw him giving tata (daddy) a hug. He is bigger than me, because 7 is bigger than 5. 7 listens more than 5. When I will be 7, I will listen to you. Not now.... You have to wait, OK?"...

9. He doesn`t like non-sense. May all those who dont listen to their children, just eat, wash, teeth brush, then ...hush!
- Mommy, I dont like tata because he is is not listenning to me. He did not let me watch TV today. He has to go to sleep early today.

10. He is a brave heart.
- We have to go to the doctor because my eyes are broken. The doctor will repair the eyes. I will not cry.

11. He is a real dandy.
- Mommy, please tell daddy to take Yulia and Max to the park, so we can close the door and dance. Just me and you.

11. He is a quick decisions maker.
He remembers he was in "his other house" with other children, and then, one day, mommy and daddy came there and brought him candies....
- And?
- And they said "Hi Five!" to me.
- And you?
- I said "Hi Five!" and came to my new home. On the airplane. With Yulia and Mommy. (aka Mama Snake)

And, this is how I look like, after 8 months of motherhood. Can`t you see the smile on my face?...


Kim said...

Awww how incredibly cute! #7 is my favorite and the drawing is great! It's amazing to watch our children learn new things, isn't it! Hope all is well!


Sara and Adam said...

That is a wonderful post. Absolutely adorable. So many of them made me laugh out loud and so many were so sweet.
And you look wonderful in your picture!

Jennifer M said...

Oh my gosh, what a sweet, sweet kid. That is absolutely adorable. You must feel so blessed to have such a wonderful son and family!

Thank you for sharing. It made me smile.

Susan said...

awww i love this post! what a sweet heart of a lil boy.

I'm so proud of all you guys for doing so well as a family. :)
God bless you guys and I love Gabi's sweet heart. He is so smart too...what a great kid. WAY TO GO MOM AND DAD!!

You are one foxy grey snake. :)

John & Jenny Morgan said...

What a great post! Gabi sounds like a joy!

Baby Kaz Moore said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A BEAUTIFUL POST THAT BROUGHT A HUGE SMILE! It's hard to pick a favorite, but the pizza and dancing are at the top of my list. So sweet Gabi. Give your mama, tata and Yulia a hug from us in Austin. All the best, Susan

Kelly and Sne said...

Yay - I've been waiting for an update! He is adorable - what a sweetheart. He sounds like a real Momma's boy. And your likeness is incredible!

McMary said...

What a sweet boy you have. I definitely saw the smile on your face.

Heather & Rob said...

This is absolutely the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. You have one great little boy there.

Patrick & Eileen said...

I loved this post too!! I've been trying to add things that Audrey says on our blog. I know that someday she'll want to know what she said and how she said it. I'm glad you did this too.

Gabi sure does sound like a loving kid!! Very sweet.


Karen said...

What a sweet and precious boy—a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Julian and Sara said...

Absolutely precious!! Thanks for sharing the smiles with all of us. :)

dnd82001 said...

What a great post and what a great little son you have - he is just so precious!!

I can't wait for us to finally meet - we will get together in the warmer weather as I want to meet your two little cuties!!


Allyson said...

Loved your post and descriptions of your totally sweet, funny and smart boy. We really must get the kids together sometime soon.
Warmer weather come for a visit - we're really not that far.
Wishing you all well.

Stephanie and Gary said...

Catalina, your kids are amazing! this post is amazing! wow! how Gabi and Yulia have come ! and happy birthday to sweet Yulia!

Let's make plans!

Regina said...

Awww...adorable sweet Gabi! Your heart must swell with pride and love. He has learned so much so fast!

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