Friday, June 20, 2008

Who can quickly dress up like babooshka?

Today, we had such a wonderful surprise. We got an email from Apryl, who is the mother of a little boy from Petropavlovsk. She is working for a foundation who is helping children from Petropavlovsk orphanages
She found our blog and sent us few pictures of Gabi which she took during her trip in Kazakhstan in September 2007. The children were having a party and a competition: "Who can dress up like babooshka faster? Thank you so much, Apryl. Isn`t my boy so adorable??????


Jennifer M said...

What a wonderful and precious gift! So sweet of her to send those on. Thank you for sharing!

Stephanie said...

how wonderful to get a glimpse of him from those months ago! Also loved the Father's Day photos -- the kids look so great!!! I love Gabi with the hat. They sound like they are really doing unbelievably well. Pretty outstanding that Yulia did not quality for EI. It's like you want the extra help but are happy she doesn't even need it at all. How about Gabi? I am looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

McMary said...

He is adorable--what a priceless gift to get pictures of him before you knew him.

Susan said...

how precious. I love how the internet connects people like this.

Very cool!!!

dnd82001 said...

Wow how cool is that to find Gabi's parents - I am in awe!!

Very very cool!!


Heather & Rob said...

Oh, Gabi's going to love those pictures when he gets older!!! I'm sure you'll pull them out to show all of his girlfriends!

So happy that you are all having so much fun and everyone is adjusting well. Hooray for the lease and renting your apartment! I can't wait for pictures of my old home!!!

Miss you!


Karen said...

Totally adorable—it's so funny that little boys love dressing up. My Garrett is the same way.

Regina said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Those photos are precious...what an outfit! And how sweet of them to send them to you. He looks tres chic!

Sara and Adam said...

Those pictures are so special, and absolutely wonderful! Gabi makes an adorable babushka.
Loved the father's day post. Happy first Father's Day, Calin.
The kids looks like they are doing great- and welcome Lady Sienna!
My how things change, huh?

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

What a great surprise! How cute! said...


l love seeing Gabi is is "our" life. So cute! How great is that you have photo's from his past. I wish I had just one of Henry as a small baby.

How are you doing? I know you moved, it must be crazy at times. When it seems nuts sit back and look at your two beautiful children and it is all worth it!

I would love to talk with you. E-mail me and I can e-mail you my phone # back.

Talk with you soon.

Carolyn mama to Henry b.1-22-07 a.11-07-07

Kelly and Sne said...

Just catching up now that we're home and no longer on dial up. Great to see that everything is working out so well for all of you. I love the photos - the two are even more adorable now that they are home.

You know, it is extra special when I think back to your post on the day you met Gabi and Yulia and your dilemma about selecting them. I guess you can never truly know what will fill your heart until you have it close to you.

Monica said...

Just thinking of you and wondering how you're doing lately... hoping you'll update us soon! :)

Karen said...

Just wanted to say hi and hoping all is going well with Gabi and Yulia.


Shannon said...

How are you guys doing? I miss hearing from you! Post or email whenever you get a chance ;-)

Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

Dear Catalina and Cailin,

Our household took a vote and decided that you needed to update your blog to account for what you guys have been up to for the past couple of months.

How are you and the little ones adapting?

How is the new job?

What are you doing with all of your free time? :)

We would love to know.

Sara, Julian and Zoe

P.S. Sara disavows anything to do with this message, so you will have to guess which one of the others wrote this.

P.P.S. Was it really almost 5 months ago that we met you for dinner in Amaty? Wow!!!

McMary said...

Hi Catalina,
I second Julian's comment--I would love an update on your family. Hope all is going well.

Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

Hi Catalina and Calin,

Sara here. Julian had been joking about leaving a more teasing type of comment to coax you into updating. That's when I told him to sign his own name to make sure it was clear that it wasn't me leaving the comment in case it was taken the wrong way. So of course he ended up being nice and then saying I wanted no part of it. Men!!

Zoe loves playing with the little pony you gave her on her last night in Almaty.

Hope all is well.