Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 11

Two days ago, our agency called to inform us that I have to be in Kazakhstan on Sunday, May 11, which is not going to be only our Gotcha Day, but also our 6 year Anniversary Day, and the Mother`s Day as well. It will be our best anniversary present ever. I will leave on Friday at 5:40 pm with Ramona and we will be in Almaty, Saturday at 11:30 pm (KLM with connection flight in Frankfurt). On Monday morning we have appointment at the US Embassy and on Tuesday, Yulia and Gabi will have their medical visit. If everything goes well, we will come home on Wednesday night.

Tickets are booked (they will arrive by FedEx tomorrow), our house is clean, the children`s room is ready, Max has an appointment for grooming on Saturday and grandma arrived to town on Monday, from Romania. Everybody is happy!

And as a surprise, because I always get lost in NY when I drive, as an anniversary present, to make sure I will spend more time with my children, Calin bought me a GPS navigator. What a nice husband!

An other family who is adopting with our agency - Faithful Adoptions is waiting for their LOI most likely next week. They are also traveling to Petropavlovsk. We are very excited for them and we wish them a wonderful journey to meet their daughter! Here is the link to their blog:


Karen said...

I'm so happy for you. Anniversary Day, Gotcha Day and now Mother's Day, what an amazing day it will be. I'll be thinking of you as I celebrate my first mother's day too.

Safe travels and a happy reunion with your two beautiful children.


Susan said...

oh Yay Catalina! wow-annivesary day and Mother's day on Gotcha day...I think your Dad is working with some angels to orchestrate some things! That is fabulous news!!!

I am so excited for you. I can't wait to follow along-if you have time to blog with 2 kids..probalby not. :)

Hugs to you and I am SO happy for you! Your first mother's day too! That is fab!!! yay!!!

Patrick & Eileen said...

Catalina what wonderful news! So much to be thankful for - big big congrations for so many reasons!

Very exciting news!!

Happy Gotcha Day, Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary :)


Sandi said...

I am so happy for you guys. Wow what a very special day. I have been looking at your blog a few times a day wondering when you would get the call, and YAY you got it. I can not wait until you have those two beautiful kids in NYC.

Congrats and safe safe travels.


John & Jenny Morgan said...

How great! Happy anniversary, Mother's Day, and Gotcha Day!! Hope you have a great trip!

Regina said...

What a call for celebration -- three holidays in one! How wonderful!!!

I've been checking your blog every day and I was starting to get worried about you. I'm so glad you are on track to get your children! I wish you a safe journey and a joyous return home.

Grandma is so cute. And GPS's rock... we love ours.

dnd82001 said...

Super wonderful news - everything has fallen into place and seems to be scheduled to happen quickly and before you know it you will be home a happy little famliy!!

Very excited for you - safe travels!!

Hugs, smiles and happiness on the last leg of your journey!!


Angela said...


I am so glad that you will be going back to get your son and daughter THIS WEEKEND!

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!

Stephanie said...

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!! What a day for you! Best wishes for safe travels and a joyous reunion! I look forward seeing you once you are home! Let the journey begin!


Laura said...

Congratulations! Isn't it amazing how it all just comes together! Lots to celebrate for sure! Very happy that you will be able to hold your children in your arms forever!

Amy said...

Congratulations Catalina!!! Have a good flight!!!

Jen & Marshall said...

Oh Catalina! This is the BEST news! Such joy! You are ready and you are bringing your little ones home! We are thrilled for you and cannot wait to hear more! Safe travels!

McMary said...

WHat wonderful news for you and what a perfect day to have it happen on.--although I am sure any day would have seemed perfect just to get your children.
I wish you safe travels.
Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!

Thad & Ann said...

Yay!! How exciting. :) Safe travels & can't wait to see you home with your kiddo's for good.

Happy Mothers Day!!

Jennifer M said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I have been waiting to hear this news. What a wonderful day! I can't wait to see your children again through your blog.

Sara and Adam said...

Hooray!!! What a special day it will be. Can't wait to see the pictures of you with your children again, and then of course the family pictures back in NY. Safe travels!!!

kristen said...

YEAH!! I kept checking here to see when you are traveling - this is VERY exciting! Congrats! It's a day you'll never forget, for MANY reasons! Happy Anniversary too - can't wait to hear all about them when you get home. Take care and be safe - bring cousins Yulia and Gabi home for Maia.... :)

Chrissy and Russell said...

FINALLY!!!! I, too, have been lurking on your blog with my fingers crossed for you guys.

What a fabulous Mother's Day, Anniversary, and now FAMILY DAY!!!!

So cool!

Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

Catalina and Calin,

Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful and unforgetable day it will be. And such a special first Mother's Day for Catalina. We wish you happy travels as you bring Zoe's "cousins" home!!! :)

Sara, Julian and Zoe

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow! Yeah!!!! Happy Mother's Day! I can't wait to follow along! Safe travels!

Kjersten and Steve said...

Congratulations Catalina. I hope you had an uneventful trip over and are able to rest a bit before heading to the Baby House. Can't wait to read the next post. Take Care.

Steve, KJ, and Tougy

Shannon said...

Yeay, you must be here by now! I can't believe we're in Kazakhstan together, yet so far apart.

I'm thinking of you, and Happy Mother's Day!

Kelly and Sne said...

Sorry I wasnt' able to give you a proper congratulations earlier so congratulations! And the timing seems to be very appropriate! ASAP!

Too bad our paths didn't cross. We were expected to leave on Friday but I didn't even get back into town until late Thursday night so it was impossible.

All the best as you reunite with your children and bring them home forever!

Patrick & Eileen said...



Baby Kaz Moore said...

Hope all is well with you on this our first Mother's Day! Best wishes, Susan & Griffin

Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

We've been thinking of you all week and hoping things are going smoothly. I know you don't have time to blog - but please know that we are excited for you.


Amy said...

Hi Catalina!!! Hope all is going well for you. If your trip is anything like mine then it is massive chaos and pandemonium. Hang in there! It will get better. This is the testing phase for your little boy and he is going to push to the limit...or if you are extremely lucky he is being as good as an angel. Karina is very very cute but she is no angel. : ) But things have gotten better after the first month. The first month however was, well not fun at all. It was exhausting and not fun, except for sporadic has gotten much better. The testing, the timeouts, the tantrums have significantly gone down. Feel free to email me if and when you get a chance if you are losing your mind. It will only be a temporary situation - it will get much better - already Karina is behaving much better than even just two weeks ago.