Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Ruxi, our good friend from NY, who takes care of our Max at home, sent us today the cutest pictures of a new adoptive happy family, from Ohio which I would like to share with you. Seems like Pink, the cleanest puppy ever is adjusting very well with his new family, which proves one more time, doesn`t matter who or where you adopt from, with lots of love and patience, everything is possible and so well worth.

Our waiting was hard, but, hopefully, is finally over. If in 15 hours there will be no more surprises, tomorrow at 11 am we will ask permission to the judge to be Yulia`s and Gabi`s parents. Luckily, we will not have to give any speech, just answer some basic questions to prove we will be able to take care and give them a loving family. We already exchange the tickets and for the second time made final flight reservation, which will cost us 500 $. We hope this will end here, and Thursday we will meet with Sara, Julian and Zoe in Almaty, to celebrate our last day in Kazakhstan. Friday we will be back to NY, to start the beginning of the end of our waiting.
Today we had a little good bye party with Gabi`s friends with - of course - candies, ice cream, juice, but mostly with plenty of fruits (we did listen to our friends` healthy advice!!). The children were so sweet!.

We did have quite an adventure here, but we will always remember our first 30 days spent with our children in Petropavlovsk, the city where they were born. A little advice for parents to be, who are considering to adopt from Kazakhstan: learn some Russian, especially if you are considering a child older than 2, learn to be patient, and learn to expect the unexpected.


Jennifer M said...

The picture of Yulia is GORGEOUS! What a great smile both of your kids have. Gabi looks like quite the little man in his jersey and jeans.

Good luck with court- I am so happy the paperwork issues were taken care of. I'll be checking frequently to see that court went well!

Trudi said...

Yulia is beautiful in purple - actually she is beautiful in every color she wears - and Gabi, what a handsome young boy. Good luck with court - I too shall be checking non-stop!

Sara and Adam said...

Both of them are really so beautiful! I'm sure you are so eager to get home and begin setting everything up for the rest of your lives as a family of 4 (plus Max, of course!) Hoping for no more surprises with court!

Susan said...

i'M SO HAPPY that your court was not delayed too much. :) That is great news. You sound much better. :)

That is a wonderful picture of Yulia-what a sweetie. and Gabi is a stud muffin. You are blessed--yo got a boy and a girl...that is what so many people dream of.

i will try to learn some Russian. thanks for the tips. Expect the unexpected-I'm trying to learn that, but that is hard to prepare yourself for!!

Love to you guys!!
I hope court goes smooth and you can be on your way to meet Zoe in person. :)


Chris and Tricia said...

Best of luck with your final court visit. The kids look very happy. Love the little piggie story, too.

Patrick & Eileen said...

You DO sound better!! You see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The kids look very happy - they seem to like the camera too :)

Wishing you the best in court!


Jen & Marshall said...

Your children are SO ADORABLE and wow - you are almost on your way! VERY exciting!!! Good luck in court!!!

Kelly and Sne said...

I'll be holding my breath until you get your approvals and get on with your trip home! Good luck!

Shannon said...

So happy everybody is SMILING because you are going to be such a great family. I am wishing all good thoughts for court, and can't wait to hear the rest of your story!

dnd82001 said...

Everything sounds perfect - a long journey but one with a perfect happy ending!
All my best for a smooth ending with court!

Chrissy and Russell said...

Best wishes for a smooth court appointment!

I LOVE the photos of the kids today... they are just so super-cute!!!

I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow!

Amy said...

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!! So happy for you that you are so close to the end! Just a little more and you will be done!! And home with your new family of four!!!

Regina said...

Your dreams are really coming true! Everything sounds very promising and I hope you have smooth sailing from here on out.

Your children are both adorable and that photo of Yulia is absolutely gorgeous.

We have been studying our Russian diligently. I am on the 6th lesson of Pimsleur's Russian II. It's good, but I just wish they would focus on things that are more relavent to adoptive parents.

The piggie story is just precious and so heartwarming. I love hearing about animals "adopting" another kind, especially since it just feels so relevant to what we are going through. I would love to hear updates on that story as well! :-)