Thursday, April 17, 2008

It is official!

Our 15 days waiting period was over and the court decision is final. Today, we became a family of four. Yulia Alina and Gabriel Sergey Baia are our children. A full life in front of us! So many dreams are about to come true! We still need the I171 form, which will hopefully arrive at the beginning of next week, notarised, verified, apostilled and sent via Fedex to Sholpan, our coordinator. And of course, 2 to 3 more weeks of waiting. I wish they will just fly.
Until they will come home, we are just running around, getting the home ready and organizing everything for our babies. It feels good to keep busy, it helps the time pass faster. We were overwhelmed with all the support we got from our neighbours (Thank you, Kate!), colleagues and friends! Yesterday, I had a big surprise, a baby shower! My colleagues were so sweet! I never thought I will ever have my baby shower! Our children already have plenty of books, clothes and toys waiting for them. We still did not buy any furniture yet, it was very hard for us to decide how to organize the room. We were thinking to buy a bunk bed, but we decided this will not be safe, since they are still too young. Mademoiselle Yulia will initially sleep in a crib which will become a toddler bed in few months and Gabi will have a cool boy`s bed. Max had no objections to give up his King size mattress from the children`s room (which will be until the end of this week, just an office). We have a shopping list and hopefully by Sunday, a trip to Ikea plus on line shopping will save us.
Grandmother will arrive on May 5, but because of visa issues she will not be able to come to Kazakhstan, most likely, Ramona, my sister in law will come with me. We decided to move in an apartment in Riverdale, very close to my future job, which is also much bigger. So many other things pending, lots of adjustments, but we are optimistic!.
Pictures from our last day in Petropavlovsk! Happier than ever!

We miss them so much!


dnd82001 said...

So excited to hear everything is moving along. I'm sure your super excited!!

So very nice on the baby shower - so much love to support you is a great feeling. Congrats.

Sounds like all the planning is coming together and everything will be fine.

So very happy for you!

Patrick & Eileen said...

That is wonderful news! A big congratulations to you - a family of four!!

We are very happy for you!

Eileen & Pat

John & Jenny Morgan said...

Congratulations! Those are beautiful pictures. I know you and they can't wait until you're all home together. It sounds like you're getting ready for many adjusments. Good luck with everything!

Jennifer M said...

Oh Catalina, I am so happy for both of you- for all four of you!

You must have been so busy, wow! You're even moving! I'm so glad you have such a great support network of neighbors, friends, and family.

This was such a great post. I can feel your excitement and hear the love you have for your children. It warms my heart and makes me smile.

I can't wait until you travel back!

Regina said...

A HUGE congratulations to you!!! This must be a big relief. Those are my favorite pictures yet. Such lovely smiles on everyone's faces!

Wow, that's a lot of changes and adjustments you've made since being home. It sounds like you will be quite prepared for your children's arrival. What an exciting time. I couldn't be happier for you!

Trudi said...

Congratulations! I just love your family and am celebrating with you that the waiting period is OVER!
It's a wise move to find a larger apartment in Riverdale! It is amazing how much space little children require (or their toys do!) -- and what a plus that it is closer to your new job. Everything is working out as it should and soon you will have your lovely children safely home with you. Congratulations on a big milestone -- it is good you have a little time to prepare!

Monica said...

That is GREAT news! I am so happy for you that after all the ups and downs and paperwork and travels you are almost ready to bring them HOME! Sooooo exciting!!!
Best wishes with all your preparations for their arrival.

Alysa said...

Congratulations! Hopefully that I171H will appear quickly and you can be off to bring your children home! Very exciting -- so ahppy for you!


pearly1979 said...

Congratulations!! :) That is wonderful about the baby shower and I'm glad to see you have made a decision about the move. It was so nice getting to talk to you the other day. I hope the weeks fly by for you!

Take care!

Susan said...

aww man CONGRATS CATALINA AND CALIN! that is very happy happy news indeed.
A new apartment too-how fun is that!!!
Mademoiselle Yulia will love it.
How do you pronouce her name? I always say YOU'LL EEE UH, is that right?

I'm glad you had a shower and are surrrouned by love and support-cuz you know it takes a village to raise a child. :)

So happy for you-i love the sweet pictures you posted. They look so happy and yOU LOOK SO HAPPY!

Happiness all the way around. :)

can't wait to see pics of the new casa with the new Baia family of 4.

Sandi said...

Whoo hoo, this is fabulous news. I am so happy for you guys.

It is great that you had a shower, it is always nice when you are surprised.

So happy that soon you will be on your to get your children and returning home to NY.

Good luck with the move.. so much going on.


McMary said...

Congrats on being an official family now!!

Kelly and Sne said...

Congratulations to the now officially family of four! It must be a lot of fun actually getting ready for your babies to come home now that you can put faces and personalities with the idea. It's almost like 'extreme makeover home edition' when they sweep in and re-make the home to fit the personalities of everybody in the family. And that's great that you had a shower. It feels good to have the new family members recognized and welcomed by family and friends. Here's hoping that the next few weeks fly by fast and you are all reunited very very soon!

kristen said...

Hi Catalina and Calin!! I am SOOO excited to hear the 15 days is over and you are a family of 4. How VERY exciting! It makes it all the better to KNOW you all and KNOW Yulia (I wish I had met Gabi too!!). I love hearing these stories in the blog community, but it makes it even better when you've spent time with the people you are hearing about. How wonderful!! I am thrilled for you all. I will email soon too - but wanted to let you know how excited I am for you all!! Yeah!! ~kristen

Sara and Adam said...

Congratulations Baia Family of FOUR! (Plus Max, of course)
Those pictures from the last day are fabulous. Can't wait to see pictures of all 4 of you together in your new home.

Karen said...

Congratulations--things are moving along and soon you'll be a family of 4. Very happy for you.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Yeah! I am so happy to hear the waiting period is over. I know it probably seems like it is taking forever but soon you will be holding your beautiful children again!


Allyson said...

OMG - you all look so happy in that photo - and all your news about moving and all seems great. See you soon

Jen & Marshall said...

HOORAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are officially a mommy and daddy of TWO GORGEOUS CHILDREN!!!! We hope the time flies by and they are in your arms and life in no time! You are wonderful and we are thrilled for yoU!!!!

Patrick & Eileen said...

Hi Catalina...just stopping by to say hello! I just love looking at your story and seeing the kids. It'll be wonderful when you are all together again.


Laura said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful family! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and was so excited to read an update about the babyhouse. We adopted our son in May 2006, so it has changed a lot since we were there! I am so happy that everything is moving along and I hope that you get to leave soon to bring those cuties home!

Mortenson Family said...

We are so excited for you! Hopefully you will be returning soon so you can all be together! Hopefully we are not far behind you.--Lisa

Patrick & Eileen said...

Eileen again :) I look at your blog and see these last pictures - very heartwarming. Everyone is clearly so happy. This is what makes this whole process worth waiting for.

Looking forward to you all coming together again.

kitdem said...

Hello. My name is kit and I am waiting for my LOI to travel to Kazakhstan to adopt a baby boy. I also live in NYC and would love to make contact for our children. I just came across your blog tonight, so I have not yet read your whole story, but I will follow your progress and wish you all the luck and love in the world.
Best wishes....

Chrissy and Russell said...

Catalina - I keep checking in, hoping to see something about travel dates for you guys!!!! Hang in there! I hope they come soon!!!!!