Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ready, Set, Take a Deep Breath and WAIT......

Tomorrow we supposed to be have such a happy day and we were ready to leave Kazakhstan on April 2! We just found out, our court has been cancelled again. I am not sure exactly what is going on, but more notarized papers will need to arrive tomorrow to Astana and once our children will be taken off the registry, our coordinator will be able to reschedule the court again.
We were all packed, have no more books, no DVDs, our TV is not working anymore, the washer is broken for 10 days, and about 2 days a week there is no hot water. There is nowhere to go closeby in our dusty neighborhood. There were minus 17 Celsius when we arrived here and today were more than plus15 Celsius. Should I mention, I already hate my warm sweaters, coats, jeans and winter boots?.
And because of so many things were going on with us, for the first time, I also forgot to bring candies to Gabi. It happened that the Spanish family was in the same play room with us with very cool new Ninja toys and plenty of candies for Vladimir. He is little older than Gabi, I think he is almost 8 and he would not allow him to play with his toys, until his parents insisted. I felt so guilty; he got nothing, my poor boy and he was asking me where are his candies! And he has also been little sick for several days (we know very well why!).
We don`t know when, where and if we will ever leave Kazakhstan. We had already booked our tickets from Petropavlosk to Almaty and from Almaty to NY and we have to get in touch again with Eldo from Golden Travel to see how much is going to cost us to change the dates again, for the second time.
Why were we given this bad news just in the last moment? Nobody knows, but we were told this is a brand new change in the international adoption process. Just wondering, what`s next? Needless to say, we miss our home so much. Meanwhile, the precious moments we spend with Yulia and Gabi keep us smiling.


Stephanie said...

Catalina, so sorry to hear about another delay! It must be so frustrating, because you want to get home quickly in order that you can come back again and take them home. I hope the rest goes smoothly for you.
Also, maybe it's okay you forgot the candies this time ;-) Gabi will learn motivation from other things too and that is good! Maybe if he does something well, you get to read a book together or he gets to be swung around by Calin or something fun. In my opinion with my own kids, don't rely too heavily on the candies as rewards once you get home. Hope you don't mind my opinion -- I think it appears it has been great while you get to know him once he gets home and acclimates, hopefully he will find wonderful self motivation to respond to you both. Steph

yeomans2kaz said...

I am so, so, so sorry to hear of this latest delay. Calin's slogan is right! We lived by the "expect the unexpected" motto for our whole time here (and we're not home yet!). I had a couple books (Canadian authors) I was going to offer you when you came through, but that probably won't do you any good now. So, so sorry... I can't express it enough. Hang in there and take advantage of the extra time with your very cute kiddies.

Sara and Julian

P.S. We met and had lunch with Kristen, Mary and Maia today. They are experiencing a slight delay here as are a couple other families. Nothing what you are experiencing, however.

P.P.S. I love all of your favourite foods from the last post!! We'd have fun eating together.

Angela said...


I am so sorry. I really wish that you did not have to wait any longer. I just wanted to tell you my thoughts are with you, Calin, Gabi & Yulia. May you be an "official" family very, very soon.

All my best,
on the paperwork roller coaster

Kelly and Sne said...

Yuck! I feel your frustration! So sorry to hear about the delay. Another family in Uralsk had the same situation so it must be something wide spread - they said that there were meetings over the Nauryz holiday (was anyone actually working then???). I'm beginning to fear any holiday or any meeting of officials as they seem to add a new rule each time that just makes things longer and more difficult.

Try to keep your wits about you and a positive attitude - at least for Yulia and Gabi (it's amazing how they can pick up on the mood changes). And I'll be hoping for a speedy resolution and court date!

Patrick & Eileen said...

I am so sorry to hear of your delay. I think it adds to the frustration when you aren't even told why....maybe then you could understand?

Reading what you have to say it really will prepare us for *expect the unexpected.*

I will keep my fingers crossed that this is the final delay!!


Jen & Marshall said...

What a total drag that you had that news! This must feel so frustrating - we are hoping things come through for you soon!

Regina said...

Another delay? Oh dear! I read about this same kind of delay on Karen & Bob's blog too... They said they had to wait for the paperwork to to take their child off the registry or something like that. It seems crazy and makes you wonder.

Both of you stay strong -- this WILL pass. I guess it's easier to have NO expectations and continue to improvise to the best of your ability until you are getting on that plane to bring your kiddos HOME!

Thinking of you,

dnd82001 said...

I am so sorry you are experiencing all this frustration - I'm sure it is hard as you want to move on to the next phase so I hope that happens quickly for you guys - you deserve a break at this point!

Stay strong - I'm sure you will be on your way home soon.

Stay well,

Susan said...

Catalina and Calin, I am so sorry! It does appear another new thing has been thrown into this process that delays things further. I know that must so frustrating when you're homesick, it's cold, and you we already to leave.

Our thoughts and prayers are all with you during this difficult and stressful time. I'm glad you still can visit your kiddo's..and I'm sure that you will soon find other motivations for Gabi. When you get home and have more things to choose from, you can find out what he likes-books, special time with mom or dad, etc. You can improvise.

I guess to look at it in a positive light-the more time you have with Yulia and Gabi is more time to get to know them each a lil bit better.

Hugs and good thoughts your way. I am not going to yoga this week cuz Sean is home all week for spring break, but I will do some om'ing for you in my yoga practice at home. That way i'll be sure and do it!

Hugs to you {{{{ }}}}

Karen & Glenn said...

UGH! Know that we are thinking of you and sending happy thoughts and prayers that things will move along quickly very very soon.

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry, I just sent you an email wishing you luck in court and then I checked your blog! Geez, things change so quickly it's just so stressful - I can't wait until we're all home with our kids and we an BREATHE. And have fun ;-)
Thinking of you,

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

I am very sad for your delays. I will continue to pray that your glitches are worked out soon and you can return home. (HUG)


Amy said...

Hang in there Catalina! I know it is rough but there is an end in sight to all of it. It will not go on forever even though right now it seems like it will. Soon you will have court and go home. Then you will be wishing you were back in is crazy we International Adopters are never satisfied! : ) Until we are home with our children.....then we are satisfied. Hang in there - just a bit more time - you can do it!

Karen said...

So sorry Catalina to hear about your court delay. As you know, we experienced the same delay and just got our paperwork from Astana today. So it probably delayed our court process about a week. (Which isn't as bad as we thought.) Like you, we only have winter sweaters and coats and today's temperature is hovering around 80 degrees.

Hang in there. You'll have your day in court soon.

Karen & Bob

Sandi said...

Catalina and Calin
I am so sorry that you were hit wtih another delay. I am sure you just want to get home, and with no end in sight you must be so frustrated.

I truly hope the that your court date will come soon and that you can come home so you can go back to get the kids.

Sending hugs and prayers.

John & Jenny Morgan said...

Man, that stinks. I'm sorry to hear that you have yet another delay. I hope you get to come home soon and prepare the kids' rooms and that you're united with them soon afterwards.

Trudi said...

Oh my, I am so sorry that you are delayed. I hope by now it is straightened out - or close to it and that you have your court date. This is hard on everyone. At least you have more bonding time with Gabi and Yulia.

BTW I agree with Stephanie that it might be a blessing that you forgot the candies. He seems to have adjusted without them.

kristen said...

hi catalina!! man, can i relate! i finally have my good news today, but the waiting is a killer. like you said, it's when they say one thing and change it at the last minute that is the hardest to take. i'm so sorry for you. i can't wait to get home and read along on your blog and see what finally happens and when you finally get court! did you stay in your apartment? hope to talk soon - sorry we'll miss seeing you in almaty! hope you are all feeling better! kristen