Saturday, January 26, 2008

Maximilian, the other baby (very furry)

While we are waiting to learn everything about diaper change, sippy cups, baby powder and play-doh, and so far we have no good news to share, we still have our joys of squirrels chasing, jerky treats, stealing toys from other dogs, dealing with rangers when we stay after happy doggie hour in the park, begging and very loud snoring. He already trained us giving hard time while bathing and we also know that there will be some issues with toys sharing. Otherwise, I am sure he is going to be very happy when the baby will come home.

One year ago when we had our home study visit, our 70 lb angel scarred the social worker to death, he would not want to let him enter the house for any price. It was the first time when he did this, he never had any problems with any of our guests and the UPS and the food delivery guys are his best friends. We did not find out yet if the 6 months duration of our home study was the reason or the result of his attitude.
I love our dog, I hope he is going to be OK, while we are going to be away. He is going to stay with a good friend of us who always takes very good care of him and I know he is going to share her bed, even though he knows very well this is a big NO, NO.


Matthew and Suzanne said...

He looks ver sweet. I think all of us have concerns about our pets. Its a really big change for them. I'm concerned about two of our kitties.

One who is a scardy cat- will I ever see her again? Where will she hide?

And the other kittie, who is psycho cat - but also the most doting of all 4 - lives in our bedroom and anticipated she would continue to. But now I know I'm allergic to cats so that will no longer be possible. Where will she go? How will she cope?

And yet they are our first babies, and we love them so much.

yeomans2kaz said...

Maximilian is a beautiful dog! He looks like he is lots of fun. Your little one (the two legged one) will have loads of fun with him. They'll just have to teach each other to share. :)

Angela said...

Hi, Catalina! You have left some comments on our blog - thanks so much! Your dog is very handsome. He looks really strong as well. I am sure he will love to have a playmate when you return with your child! I understand being concerned about leaving him, but it is good that you have found someone to take care of him . . . even spoil him a little. We have 3 cats and we are not sure what we are going to do with them. Do you think my mother-in-law will take care of them? She already has 3 - 6 cats in one house - EEEK! I hope you hear some news soon!

Amy said...

Fascinating that he did that with the social worker. Dogs can actually smell fear and stress so if you were stressed out about the social worker's visit your dog may have "smelled" those emotions on you and perceived it as being caused by your visitor. Hence his reaction to protecting you from this stranger that was causing your pack stress.

Kelly and Sne said...

Max sure is a cutie-pie - I love the photos. That's funny he scared the social worker. We were actually pretty worried about this as we have 2 very high energy doggies. Fortunately they both turned on the charm and didn't knock her down (quite the opposite, she willingly got down on the floor to play with them!). I know what you mean about leaving. Two months is a long time to be away from the furkids. And unfortunately ours will be kenneled (though on a farm so they'll get exercise - but still it's a long time). We are very sad to leave them for this long as they usually go just about everywhere with us. In fact, when we get back I'm going to have to bite the bullet and trade my trusty Subaru Outback for a crummy mini van just so we will be able to fit all of the kids: the child - and all of their stuff - and the 2 dogs - and all of their stuff - into the car for future road trips!

Monica said...

I'm on a strange computer at the moment which made it impossible for me to see your pics right now. But wanted to share with you that Maximilian is our oldest son's name and we spelled it exactly like that too. His name is actually Michael Maximilian but we have always called him Max.

I'll look forward to seeing YOUR Max next time I check in with you.

Karen said...

Very sweet dog. I worry how our pets (dog and two cats) will do while we're gone.

BTW you have just been tagged (see my blog).

Karen :-)