Monday, January 7, 2008

Delays, more delays

I just spoke with my agency and looks like they don't have great news for us yet. Even if they were planning to send us to Kazakhstan by middle of January, it looks like some of the children from the group they were planning to show us, have been visited by their families during holidays and we have been advised "to be patient and wait a little longer".

As a conclusion: we are not going to travel soon - at least not in January so we need to be patient. When the time will come, we will be so ready and everything will be so much worthed; and we will become experts in waiting.

We do not know yet what does exactly mean: if those children will become unavailable will we have to change the region or just wait for children in the same baby house to become available? This is something we have to find out later.

However, we have to be thankful not to travel on the other side of the world only to find out that the child meant to be ours is not yet ready for us. And we still have so many other reasons to be happy and listen and believe what Dalai Lama said: "Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck"


Susan said...

You are not alone with these delays! You have a really good attitude about it as well. I think that is very important. I'm starting to wonder if maybe we'll end up going in the summer! This is defintely not one of life's adventures that you can plan. Just when you "think" you have an "idea" of when you "might" go, it changes. :)

I agree with you, we will go when your child is ready for us, because I truly believe that there are children who have been chosen for each of us. :)

Hang in there, and we can hang together. Fortunately, life is very busy while we are here so time passes very quickly. :)

Kim said...

I am glad you have a good attitude about the delays. When an orphans bio family visits them in Kaz it means they have to go back on the waiting list for 6 months again. It is better to know now that those families aren't ready to let go yet... much better than if you were already there and this happened. It simply means that the children they were considering for you were not the one meant for you.

Keep the good attitude and your child will be ready for you soon.

Regina said...

Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear that you will go a little later than you hoped. Delays seem to be going around this week. It's hard on the spirit, and I feel bad for you. But it seems that you are at peace with it and are okay with accepting how this whole adventure unfolds for you. I wish you patience and serenity in this longer wait.

Matthew and Suzanne said...

I am sorry, I can imagine how disappointing this must be for you. But you do have a great attitude about it. Hopefully it won't be too much longer for you.

yeomans2kaz said...

Delays can be so frustrating. The Dalai Lama quote sums it up perfectly, however. Keep up the good attitude.

Shannon said...

That is a great quote, and I'm sorry about the delay. Hang in there ;-)

Shannon said...

And on a lighter note (I always think of these things "later"), another quote for you:

"Sometimes I Thank God, for Unanswered Prayers"
Garth Brooks

Not quite the Dalai Lama, but probably just as popular in the 80s

Jen & Marshall said...

Oh dear. We are so thinking of you guys. This waiting is soooo hard. We just know how awful it is - but you are being so patient and we cannot wait for your chance to come!

Karen said...

Wish we all lived closer, so we give each other hugs during these trying times.

Haven and Addison's Mom said...

Everything is so unpredictable in international adoption. Just know that when you do find your child you will have a clear picture of all of the delays. It is amazing how it all works out!!!!I know I was not that positive at times, how wonderful for you to have such a great attitude.!! Your child is out there and when he/she is ready you will go. I will keep you in my prayers!!

Monica said...

I love your attitude even though I know it is hard to be patient. Your child WILL be ready at the right time for you... I hope that it happens soon.
Continued best wishes,

Karen said...

I really do feel your pain—-the "waiting" boat is getting quite full. I'm afraid we can't take on any more passengers. Let's hope for calm waters ahead and lots of sunny skies.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Hi Catalina -

Last year we were told for 4 months we would travel "any day" so I know how frustrating it can be. Take comfort in the fact that while the wait is long, there will be no doubt who your child is when you get there.

John & Jenny Morgan said...

I, too, am sorry to hear of your delay. I hope that good news will come your way soon!

wendy said...

We are a couple from Belgium and we are in the same position as you. We were supposed to leave to Arkalyk on the 12th of Januari, but our departure was delayed (together with an other Belgian couple). We were told that there was a mistake in the database and the children weren't adoptable yet. They expect that we can leave in March (fingers crossed). So who knows, maybe we meet in Arkalyk.

Wendy and Stefan